Fabulously Fit at 50+

Are you 50+ and a Grandma? – Me too!

Put those knitting needles down ladies - and pick up some weights -

Its time to become a sexy Supergran!

I turned 50 in August 2012. I had been feeling a little frumpy and flabby, mainly due to too much snacking and as a result of my work, which involved a lot of sitting down for hours on end crafting.  My figure hugging jeans had been left in my wardrobe and replaced by comfortable, baggy clothes..mainly in Black. Now there is nothing quite like a benchmark year like the BIG 5-OH to motivate one into taking action!

My friend Paul had also become somewhat unfit and overweight. His job requires him to sit at a computer..so the challenge for us both to get back into shape was on!

I borrowed Paul’s weights, power rack and bench and turned one half of my lounge into a workout area.

Below are the pics of the home gym and the before and after shots. Just click to view my pinterest board.

Don’t Get Old – Get Better!

I am 50+, a mum of three and a grandma. We can always get back to being fit and feisty ..no matter what our age. It Just takes a bit motivation and self belief!