Photo courtesy of ‘The Sparrows’ on St.Martins -Isles of Scilly

If you are looking for positive change,

And want to get your life into shape this year,

Then maybe you could use some..


Having worked as a weight training instructor and fitness assessor for a number of years, I have witnessed many people embark upon a fitness programme, full of enthusiasm and determination, only to find that a few weeks later their enthusiasm had dwindled and they had become ‘bored’ with their workouts. Their results failed to match their initial expectations and so – they give up!
Disillusioned and disappointed in themselves, they may then return to their former unhealthy eating patterns and lifestyle. It is my belief, that what they lacked in these instances was MOTIVATION. There was no one, readily available to enthuse, focus and encourage them towards their goal – The positive energy ‘input’ was missing.
However, in my experience of one-on-one personal training, I have noticed that the momentum and enthusiasm to achieve personal goals are easily maintained and results reached a lot sooner than when clients are left to persevere alone.
This can apply to all things we go for in life. A positive, encouraging outside influence makes all the difference, whether a person is going for a job interview, opening to spiritual knowledge, taking part in a pantomime or creating their dream. Having the motivation to see it through, is what really counts.
So what is motivation?
Let’s look at the word for a moment…

MOTIVE – A reason for doing something
MOTIVATION – A reason for doing something PLUS the desire and the will to put it into action and achieve it. – (Well, that’s my interpretation of it!)

How do we achieve it?
Let’s take losing unwanted fat as an example.. as this is about ‘shaping up’ your life!..
But as I have said, this could equally apply to any area of your life that you are not happy with i.e. finances, job, relationship..etc.

Firstly, ask yourself – “what is my reason for wanting to lose weight?”
Is it because you genuinely think that you are ‘overweight’ and would feel so much more attractive / healthy / physically capable and active if you lost a few pounds?
Or… are you relatively ‘at ease’ with your size, but feel ‘under pressure’ to lose weight because of ‘outside’ influence or the opinion of another?
In other words, are you doing it to please yourself, or someone else?
If the latter is the case, you are not really being true to yourself and therefore, getting motivated enough to achieve the results, is likely to be difficult! This is because, your heart may not fully be in it!

Next, let’s look at DESIRE…

How much do you desire this change..? And again, why do you desire it? – Get clear on this.
See yourself in your mind’s eye, achieving your goal. How does it make you feel? How do you look? – Become the ‘observer’!

Be realistic. It’s going to take commitment.
Imagine the stages that you will have to go through, as well as the things that you’ll have to give up in order to achieve success.
What support will you have or need? How will these changes affect your life during your ‘weight loss programme’ – and, just as importantly, after you have achieved your goal?
Will you have gained more self-confidence, a more ‘active’ social circle, will life have become more fulfilling and fun as a result?

Imagine how you might feel and look, say in a years time, if you didn’t make these changes!
Do you think you would still feel relatively ‘comfortable’ with yourself, or would you have continued to feel ‘overweight’, ‘unattractive’ and / or ‘unhealthy’?
Weigh it up in your mind, because how you feel about this, will give you the answer you are looking for.
Quite simply, if you keep doing what you are doing, and don’t make any changes, in a years time, you’ll be the same as you are now.
In other words, the choices that you make now, will become your ‘future’ reality.

Don’t compare yourself to another

Compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.


Rowan x