Power Walking For Fat Loss

Power Walking is an ideal way to keep fit – It tones the body, increases cardiovascular fitness and is one of the best forms of exercise that I know of for burning excess fat!
It’s also something that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It can be started gently and then the pace and distance increased as you become fitter.

cliff tops and woodland areas offer a wide variety of gradients – ranging from gentle slopes to challenging hills, with steps down to pebble beaches – you name it, it’s got it! – And with all that fresh air and sunshine (hopefully!), it really does make you feel full of vitality and glad to be alive! However , power walking can be done anywhere. You can start off on straight path or road and build up to hills.

What is ‘Power Walking’?

‘Power Walking’ is walking with fairly long strides at a rapid pace – really pushing forward and through the legs so you can feel the stretch. It is great for toning up legs and bum and it really improves your cardiovascular health. Thousands of doctors recommend it. Hundreds of studies extol its benefits.
It is not running or jogging, which can be pretty hard on a person’s body. ‘Power Walking’ is a lot easier on your joints since you hit the ground with less than half the force you do when you run or jog, which means you are far less likely to end up sore or injured.

It isn’t strolling either, which burns only relatively few calories – and it certainly isn’t that funny-looking ‘race walking’ style that we see in the Olympics.
‘Power Walking’ is however, a great calorie burner! – According to the experts, If a person walks between 4-5 miles an hour, they will burn roughly the same amount of calories as a runner – and if a person walks for 5 miles or more at this pace, they will actually start to burn more than a runner!
You don’t need any special equipment either – just sensible clothes, a good pair of trainers or walking boots, a bottle of water and you’re away!

The gallery below gives you an idea of the natural beauty I encounter on my ‘Power Walks’.

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