The Law of Attraction


Life is amazing isn’t it?

…Amazingly loving, amazingly hard, amazingly fun, sad, lonely, challenging, exciting, name it, it will be on the list!

So, having reached the ‘NOW’.. How would you like the rest of your life to look like?..
Amazingly………. what???

You decide.. Because you really do hold the key to creating your next experience!


Have you ever wished you had a magic wand that you could wave and change the things in your life? IF you had one – what would you change? - Your job,  circumstances, relationship,  health?

What would you then ‘manifest` in its place? …Your ideal partner, better luck, a new direction, a better body, a more abundant and fulfilling lifestyle?..

I’m afraid I haven’t found a cheap source of magic wands! – However, if I were to share with you knowledge on how to achieve these results – wouldn’t you be tempted to give it a try?

Firstly, there’s nothing mystical about what I am about to share with you, it is simply a case of becoming aware of a few, naturally occurring principals of physics called ‘Universal Laws’. By being aware that these laws exist, it will help you to understand how and why we create these things into our everyday lives and perhaps more importantly, how you can change them for something we prefer.

It’s all to do with…


Generally speaking, not a lot is said about the role that energy and vibration play in our lives and the effect it has on our everyday reality. They certainly don’t teach you about it in school – Yet!

The nearest you are likely to get to it, is in a physics class. – But even then, physics does not give you the whole picture. However, if you take certain principals of physics – the study of light, energy, vibration and motion, then combine them with principals of metaphysics – the study of mind / consciousness and the nature of reality, a bigger picture starts to form and a truer understanding can be gained about the ‘nature’ of our existence.

Personal Alchemy

Personal Alchemy is about understanding that we have the power within us to change our lives for the better. We are more than just physical bodies, we are thinking, feeling beings – with very complex energy systems. When this energy is used in a focussed, intelligent manner, it can be put to practical use in literally transforming our lives!

Personal Alchemy involves putting ourselves in a positive, creative state of ‘BEING’, so that we become confident self-empowered individuals. It’s about learning to take charge of our lives, by focusing our thoughts and energy on what we truly desire to experience. This is where THE LAW OF ATTRACTION comes in.


Whatever You Strongly Believe In You Will Begin To ‘Magnetise’ Into Your Life!

Dr. N. Milanovich and Dr. S. Mc.Cune in their book ‘The Light Shall Set You Free’ state:

“Our thoughts are energy. In addition to our thoughts, everything we feel, say and do constitutes a form of energy. Each of us is a powerful energy emitter in every waking or sleeping moment.”

“What we think, feel, say and do in each moment sends out a resonance field in the Universe that comes back to us to create our realities. It is our consciousness that drives this energy, and we program our consciousness by the messages we send out to one and other. But remember, energy is energy.” (It does not discriminate.) “It will follow the course of least resistance. Therefore, when we focus on the results that we want, our energies will support us in obtaining those results. This is true. It is a metaphysical law.”

Everything in the Universe is energy and vibrates at a certain frequency – This includes our thoughts, emotions, words and actions (even the colour of your clothes sends out a unique frequency!)

All energy moves in a circular fashion, therefore, the kind of energy vibration you send out – will come back to you. – This is where the saying ‘What goes around comes around’ stems from.

We are all part of one Universal Energy Field (If you don’t believe me, just try stepping out of it!), therefore we are all affected by each other’s vibration to a greater or lesser extent… There is no separation!

Expect bad luck – and guess what you will get?


Many people, who have experienced repeated failures and disappointment in their lives, begin to believe that they always have ‘bad luck’ and that nothing ever works out right for them. These thought waves are constantly sent out into the ‘Universal Energy Field’ and begin to attract other things of like vibrations, which reside on that same frequency. The result…We get what we expect! Things start to manifest in our lives to support our beliefs.  This is where the term “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy” comes from. We then turn round – in our victim mode – and say “There!..I told you so!”

We are used to talking about our physical energy levels i.e. “she’s got bags of energy” or “I’ve had no energy at all recently”. We tend to relate this to our general health, because we are aware that our physical ‘well being’ largely depends on eating the right foods, as well as getting enough exercise and rest. But have you ever considered the importance that our thoughts and emotions also play, in our well being?


People with ‘Personal Magnetism’ exude a kind of warmth and confidence that attracts others to them effortlessly. You can’t quite put your finger on how they do it, they just seem to have an attractive, positive energy about them – a kind of ‘inner glow’ that makes everyone want to be around them… and there’s the answer – it’s an ENERGY thing!

Have you ever noticed how energised and ‘uplifted’ you feel when you have been in the company of a vibrant, positive individual – and how ‘drained’ of energy you feel after being with someone who constantly complains and focuses on the negative? This is because you are literally picking up on their energy ‘vibe’ and it is affecting your own.

Feelings of low self-esteem can also lower your energy ‘vibe’ – And in fact, what you think and how you feel about yourself makes all the difference to the way others perceive you. A lack of self-confidence can lead to: feelings of lethargy / lack of motivation or focus in life, as well as a greatly diminished interest in personal health and general well being….Then one day, you may wake up and think to yourself “Where did all my vitality go? – What has happened to all the fun that I used to have? – What happened to my body? – Why am I surrounded by negative people, stressful situations, bad relationships..?”

I’ll tell you why…Because LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE!


Whatever you beleive and focus on you will begin to attract

According to certain principals in physics and metaphysics: vibration (energy) will always attract, to itself, ‘like’ Vibration – in other words, similar energy vibrations are literally ‘magnetised’ toward each other. That is why positive thinking and acting people tend to attract other positive people and situations into their lives – and visa versa with negative thinking and acting people.It is as simple as that. people and situations are merely mirrors of ones self. They are there to show you more of who you are.

Think about it.. There may be times in our lives when we feel confident about the way we look or the qualities we posses. These thoughts and feelings of self-worth, set up a ‘vibrational sound frequency’ which will then resonate outwards and begin to attract to us people and situations, that ‘mirror’ back to us how we feel about ourselves. This may ‘return’ to us in the form of compliments or desirable opportunities. In other words, People around us are likely to start to notice our ‘good points’ – and then give us ‘positive feed back’ about them. We suddenly become a more attractive person to be around.

Adversely, there may be times in our lives when we may feel that we look ‘awful’ and have little or no confidence in ourselves or our abilities, or we may feel powerless to change a situation in our personal life – the same applies. But instead of compliments and opportunities being presented, we are likely to attract people and situations that will highlight our perceived ‘flaws’. For example, we may regularly overhear negative comments about us – that quite accurately reflect how you see ourselves. We might repeatedly ‘be overlooked for that job we desire. – Or fail to get any co-operation from loved ones, or favourable attention from the opposite sex . All this can appear to endorse our beliefs and become a vicious circle that is hard to break!

But it can be changed!!…YOU are the one giving out all these messages! – Others are simply picking up and interpreting your vibration – and so quite literally, this is how they begin to perceive you!

…So quite simply, if you want more luck, vitality and positive feedback in your life, you will first have to become aware of your thoughts – especially the thoughts you have about yourself!  Start thinking positive thoughts, taking positive actions and saying positive things (about yourself and others) and your life WILL start to change- it HAS to! You will begin to magnetize to you those things that match the energy that you are sending out.

Simple isn’t it?..As I said.. We do it every day, and yet most of us don’t even realize it!

To give another example of how thought can attract; – How often have you been thinking about somebody that you haven’t seen for ages and then suddenly, ‘out of the blue’, you get a phone call from them or bump into them on the street? – They were probably picking up (subconsciously), on your ‘thought frequencies’ and then responded to this, by getting a feeling to make contact with you. This is what is known as The LAW OF SYNCHRONICITY.. Being in the right place at the right time.

.images1OR why is it that when we are pregnant, ladies, that all we seem to see is lots of other pregnant women ?…or how about you, chaps , when you buy a new car and suddenly you start to notice everyone else who is driving that same model! This is how mind energy works -whatever you focus on, life will show it to you!

So where does our ‘Point of Power’ begin and when can we start to change our current ‘reality’?

  The  answer   to that is… NOW!


   The power to create the future you desire is found in the NOW.

 Each moment of time contributes to creating our ‘future’ experience. What has kept us from this knowledge is continually believing and focusing on the ‘past’ and ‘future’.

Where is the ‘past’..? It is simply a memory of what has already been experienced – LET IT GO!!

Where is the ‘future’? It holds the unlimited possibilities of what we CAN attract – It has not yet manifested fully in our reality. So let go of any preconceived fears about what Might happen – they are an illusion! – Unless of course, you choose to create them!

Put your full attension in the Now and let the law of Attraction will take care of the rest!



The power of attraction starts in the mind:

INTENSION focuses the energy – ATTENTION fuels it – GRATITUDE enhances it!

Everything that was ever invented started in the imagination. Someone had an idea – a picture formed in their mind and they felt the DESIRE and the INTENTION to make it manifest. Therefore, one might conclude that IMAGINATION, DESIRE and FOCUSED INTENTION are powerful motivating forces behind all our personal manifestations.

The mind is a very powerful tool! Visualisation techniques have been widely and successfully used as a way of focusing mind energy to achieve specific outcomes by many of the world’s top achievers in all fields of life. Uri Geller is one such advocate of visualisation and ‘ind power’
Visualising in great detail what you’d like to look like or what you’d like to attract into your life, can greatly increase your chances of success. – If you then add to the visualisation, feelings of deep emotion, desire and focused attention, then you suddenly have a very potent cocktail of magnetic energy, ready to deploy!

But remember..imagine and feel it as if it is happening in your life NOW!


The Power of GRATITUDE

Gratitude and appreciation are two of the greatest and most powerful manifesting forces there are!

Feeling appreciation for all the blessings that you already have in your life, sends out a positive signal to the universe that you are already guess what? got it! The energy comes back to you in the form of more blessings and abundance! The more abundance you have, the more you have to share with others. This activates another major Universal law:

What you give out – you get back!



Oh… A small word of advice about outside stimuli and how it can be detrimental to attracting what you really want….

If you constantly watch TV, listen to the radio, or read newspapers / magazines, all you are doing is focusing on and filling your head with other people’s ‘creations’, misfortunes and life dramas. What good is that to you? – What signals do you think you are sending out by constantly thinking about all that stuff? What perceptions of reality are you constantly programming into your subconscious? Taking into account the general content of the news, soaps and chat shows etc. I would guess, pretty confusing and negative ones!
Instead, every day, try and watch or read something positive and relevant to your desires. Remember, be aware of what you are thinking about.. The more energy you use to focus on what you wish to attract.. The quicker the universe will bring it to you!

If you would like to read more on this please see  How to Use the Law of Attraction on Wikihow

A film that I would recommend you watch, if you havn’t already come across it, is a film called ‘The Celestine Prophecy’ It has brought a lot of clarity about how life ‘works’ into many people’s lives.

Below is a brief video from Bashar on manifestation…