The World’s A Stage

Scene from ‘Mathew Miller – An Exeter Story’

I talk about people “finding their passion” – well, one of my great passions – has been acting!
I am dramatic by nature – being born a Leo, but I believe that in a sense, life is like a play, with an abundance of ‘actors and scripts’ at one’s disposal.
My particular favourite is farce – I love the challenge of the timing in comedy and the effect that a simple exagerated facial expression can have on an audience.
I have found it to be a wonderful way of expressing my multi-faceted personality – with all it’s many archetypal characters that are within it.. we all have them; The Parent, Sage, Magician, Victim, Hero/Heroine, Perpetrator, Child etc. 

We express them at different times in our lives – and not necessarily in order!  For example, We can call upon our expressive, playful, childlike self – and be in your 80′s!

Most of us only ever allow ourselves to be expressive in this way on occasions such as New years Eve , Stag / Hen nights or Halloween.. But oh how good it feels .. what fun -  and how freeing!
However, the new generation of teenagers – and many adults, are now into something they call  ‘Cosplay’ – where they dress up / become a character from TV, film, era or a book.  How fabulous is that!? They instinctively have a desire to express another persona that they resonate with, or another facet of their innate personalities.

As far as our everyday lives go, the trick is to recognise what particular archetype we are  (unconsciously) playing out and if it is just playing – over and over – like an old record- or if it is really serving us in a positive way, by reflecting who we choose to be. Then we can decide if we would we do better expressing another, more empowering aspect.

For example, many people get stuck in the character of the victim and become totally disempowered in their lives – Blaming others for what, in truth, they have agreed on some level to experience and then attracted it to themselves. How I experienced my father’s actions  is one example of this.  At the time I blamed him for our misfortune, when infact I now know that it was all part of our agreed plan to come together in this lifetime to help each other to learn about choices and the consequences of these choices and to grow from the challenges we set ourselves.  We learn what we prefer and do not prefer..which helps us to make choices that are more in alignment with our desires.- worth thinking about, especially when you understand how the Law of Attraction works!

So I guess my question to you would be- what dramas have YOU chosen to play out in your life..?  Look at them from a different perspective and you might just see the treasures that lie within your experience..the wisdom and the strength that you have gained by agreeing to take part in your grand life drama. There are no coincidences – just marvellous synchronicities to be recognised and insights to be gleaned!


Now is the time to realise that you are, infact your own script writer, director and producer of your play!

Why not write a new, fun and exciting script?


These are some of the plays that I have enjoyed being a part of
between 1988 – 2007

Being a Cosmic Peacock – Living life with Attitude – Whatever your age!

The Simple Mechanics of fulfilment.. Express your uniqueness in ways that make you smile! It is all about the joy of feeling alive!!
Just because we may be a Grandma or Grandpa ..It doesn’t mean we have to act like one. Express yourself to the max ..whatever your age.
I can only aspire to one day join the high ranks of those who are expressing such glorious outrageousness!
However… I  intend to improve with age ;)